In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words is a regular feature profiling HRI staff and volunteers who describe, in their own words, their experiences working in the field of human rights.

Melissa Weaver, Attorney, Women & Children’s Program

Describe what you do at HRI.
I handle the agency’s cases that have to deal with children as well as domestic violence issues and other victims of violent crimes. Everyone I help has been a survivor of some sort of abuse, crime, or neglect. As the attorney over this program, I help decide which cases to accept, work on cases, and work with pro bono attorneys on cases. I also do tons of outreach in the community about the work we do at HRI.

When did you join HRI?
November 2007

How did you first become interested in human rights issues?
I grew up in a home where we focused on community involvement- everything from helping with food drives to visiting senior homes and volunteering at shelters. I think that made me aware at a very young age of those less fortunate and instilled compassion for those that are suffering. I went into law school to learn more about why our society considers some things right and some wrong and why we as a society punish some bad acts and not others. I hoped that with a law degree I could give a voice for those that couldn’t do it on their own.

What do you think is the most pressing human rights issue facing the world today?
Really tough question- I don’t think there is one most pressing issue. I think persecution of others and how to deal with persecutors, aid to those in catastrophes, and human trafficking sticks out though.

What’s the story behind the picture you chose of yourself?
It is of me with my 2 favorite people- my husband & daughter. The photo was taken for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.

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