In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words is a regular feature profiling HRI staff and volunteers who describe, in their own words, their experiences working in the field of human rights.

Marianela Porres, Intern and Legal Assistant

Describe what you do at HRI.
Our cases have to be organized and updated on physical and computer program databases, so this is one of my main duties. I also assist in preparing applications and correspondence for our clients and in doing some legal research. I enjoy following up with clients and doing intakes, since it gives me an opportunity to have personal contact with the clients and practice different languages.

When did you join HRI?
June 2010.

How did you first become interested in human rights issues?
I participated in a Moot Court that dealt with International Economic Law and Human Rights.

What do you think is the most pressing human rights issue facing the world today?
I consider gender based discrimination to be a very significant issue, since its consequences have a far reaching scope.  This problem is instilled at different levels – in some almost unconsciously- in societies around the world.  Many problems, such as poverty, hunger and violence could be greatly diminished by the recognition and enforcement of women’s rights.

What’s the story behind the picture you chose of yourself?
This is a picture of me and my husband mountain biking in Flagstaff, Arizona. We made it all the way to the top of the mountain. I have always been very clumsy, so it was a very tough ride up to the top, but, once we were there, it was beautiful, and the downhill was an adrenaline rush. I like this picture because it reminds me that nothing is impossible and that every effort is compensated one way or another.

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