HRI Success Story: Attorney Marcela Evans gets status for Zambian Woman under VAWA

Dallas- On Jan. 23 Pro Bono Attorney, Marcela Evans was able to get status for a Zambian woman under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

The client was originally screened as a possible asylee, however after a thorough consultation with Human Rights Initiative, it was determined that she could be eligible for status through VAWA. The client had endured many hard experiences throughout her life, including the realization that she was HIV positive. She had married a U.S. Citizen while visiting the United States and was abused verbally, emotionally, and sexually. She is now eligible to seek work, entitled to some public benefits, and has the opportunity to apply for Legal Permanent Residency in the future. Most importantly, the client can get the medical attention she needs here in the United States.

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