“Dump the Pump” for HRI!

If there’s one thing we can all probably do without, it’s traffic. Despite many changes and improvements in infrastructure, we just cant seem to get rid of it! While this week DART is pushing for a solution, YOU could turn it into a charity:

During the week of June 18-23,  you could stop by one of the locations listed here and exchange one of your gas receipts for a free weekly regional DART, The T or DCTA transit pass. If this is something that you think you could use… great! But if that free transit pass is more likely to get lost in your wallet, car or home then we would like to encourage you to mail it to HRI.

Our clients often need any help with transportation they can get, whether it be to meet with their attorneys for their case or simply make it to work in the morning. By taking 5 minutes to exchange your receipt and forwarding it on to HRI, you could be the reason someone is able to easily go to the store, to and from work or simply take their kids to school in the morning!

So please, during this week if you have a minute, stop by at one of these locations and mail us the transportation pass. Won’t you help us and our clients, please?

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