Intern Corner: Meet Andrew, a star intern.

Every summer, our offices are filled with passionate young people making a difference in the world. Meet one of our great young interns:

“The Human Rights Initiative (HRI) provides legal services to asylum seekers and other immigrants who suffered certain human rights abuses. I was driven to work with HRI because of my passion for international human rights, coupled with a growing enthusiasm for immigration law.

Immigration law is a complex field of law. HRI has taught me to keep swimming, even when it means swimming against the current. Our clients have no choice but to swim upstream to escape persecution or death in their home countries. Their determination to survive and to protect their families is my motivation to work harder.

My work with the Asylum Program, the Women and Children’s Program, and the Advocacy Program has been challenging, yet rewarding. I am honored to have shared a summer with the remarkable staff and interns of HRI.”

Andrew Damron
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2013
Hofstra University School of Law

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