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US Citizen Wrongfully Deported to Columbia

A runaway 15-year-old Texas girl who was deported to South America after claiming to be an illegal immigrant could soon return home. Government officials in Colombia said the U.S. Embassy on Thursday submitted the necessary documents for Jakadrien Lorece Turner … Continue reading

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Deportation Without Representation

In deciding who may stay and who must leave this country, the deportation process for immigrants tolerates unfairness at every turn. Current laws have denied basic due process protections to people held in immigration detention. And now, a new report in the … Continue reading

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Who Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is Really Deporting

The Obama administration says it is deporting a record number of criminals. The truth, however, is more complicated — and the administration’s rhetoric may be influenced by the political tightrope it’s walking as it tries simultaneously to please Latinos and independent voters. … Continue reading

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ICE Disclose Fiscal Year Results: Nearly 400,000 Deported

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported nearly 400,000 people during their last fiscal year which recently came to an end in September. This number is the highest seen in ICE history. 55% of those deported had been convicted of felonies … Continue reading

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Obama announces new “Prosecutorial Discretion Policy”

Today President Obama announced that the government will begin implementing the prosecutorial discretion memo that was issued on June 17th by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director, John Morton. You can read the memo in full here. A summary … Continue reading

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