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Abused Immigrants Count Too

Bill Holston and Chris Mansour co-wrote an editorial for the Dallas Morning News: Advertisements

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Custody Determinations for Arriving Alien Asylum Seekers

Several immigrants’ rights organizations have challenged the disparate treatment that asylum seekers face, depending on where they are apprehended. Although the general policy is that people who are fleeing persecution should not be detained without a good reason, many asylum … Continue reading

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Texas Corporate Lawyers Increase Pro Bono Work

By MARK CURRIDEN Published: 21 February 2012 09:37 PM When Marc Vockell was in private practice a decade ago, he struggled to get other lawyers to help with pro bono. Now the head of litigation at Dell Inc., where he … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit to Hear Salvadoran Woman’s Asylum Appeal En Banc

Judges to Decide Whether Testimony Against Gang Members Qualifies for Protection By KENNETH OFGANG, Staff Writer The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will decide en banc whether persons who testify against gang members form a protected group for asylum … Continue reading

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In a Study, Judges Express a Bleak View of NY Lawyers Representing Immigrants

They are often poorly prepared or make incoherent arguments in court. Some fail to present key evidence or witnesses. Others simply do not show up. The performance of many lawyers who represent immigrants facing deportation in New York has long … Continue reading

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